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King Abdullah of Israel

King Abdullah of Israel. He wishes!

Abdullah II, King of Jordan, is a knob. Certainly, he is an arrogant cunt.

He actually thinks that he has a say in the internal affairs of Israel. Because, he has made a threat that if Israel annexes territory the region will explode in anger.

Well, perhaps my memory is fuzzy. But, were there not similar threats about violence in the region prior to the US moving its Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

The result of the threats were pretty much all fizzle. And, that is exactly the result I expect after Israeli annexation in Judea & Samaria.

Personally I would like to see the Jordan Valley annexed immediately.

King Abdullah of Israel. In His Wildest Dreams, Only.

I believe that it was under the perceived, yet false, threat of increased Arab violence that spurred Moshe Dayan to let the Waqf maintain ownership and management of the hovels that sit atop the ruined foundations of the Second Temple.

So, anyway, this cunt, this ‘king’ of Arab Palestine, Abdullah II, feels so self-entitled as to dare to interfere in the internal politics of a foreign nation, namely Israel.

Abdullah II, King of Arab Palestine, can fuck off with regard to his view on Israel. Certainly, if his father had had his way militarily the Jews of Israel would all be exterminated.

I can’t tell you strongly enough how much I abhor the Arabs for what they have put Israel and the Jewish residents through since the 1930’s.

Your thoughts?

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