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Gentleman Donald Trump

Gentleman Donald Trump. Yes, in this video he shows exactly what a decent human being he is.

The irony here is that the poster of this video intended it to be a sleight against President Donald Trump. Well, major backfire on that plan.

Gentleman Donald Trump

For anybody watching this video I can only imagine that the viewer will experience a positive, or benign at worst, reaction to a man telling what he honestly thinks at the time.

Bear in mind that the remarks in the video are from 12 years before this writing. The Clintons have changed.

The Clinton Crime family has since been uncovered. The Clintons went from being nice, decent folk to being murdering, backstabbing, corrupt criminals.

That was then and this is now. So, to bring up this video in a negative way towards President Trump has failed.

Hillary Clinton is a horrible person. She has emerged no more ethical than the crime figures pictured in the feature image up top.

Madam Secretary fucked up in her role in State. She is solely responsible for the terrorist murders of the US Ambassador to Libya in Benghazi, and three other US citizens.

And then we have the email scandal. Ah yes the wound that will not heal. Hillary Clinton is hiding something.

It would not be beyond plausibility to conclude that little, old Hillary is really a Russian asset.

Feature Image By FBI – This is a federal photo that is under public domain, Public Domain,

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