Hate Speech | Nakba | An Arab Disgrace

Hate Speech

Hate Speech in the form of the botched Arab greed for land. And, Jewish deaths.

Just so that I can understand, I will recap. So, on 14 May 1948 Israel won her War of Independence.

Prior to the beginning of the war on 30 November 1947 the Arab High Command had committed to implementing the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”.

A large number of Jews were in British Palestine at the the time and the Jewish Leaders had a very real understanding of what it means to implement “The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”, thanks to the German peoples’ cooperation with Hitler in his implementation of the very same plan.

Jews had no choice but to prepare for the worst. The threats were real:

According to Eli E. Hertz in a prior article of his that I published on this website:

“The Arabs have taken into their own hands, the Final Solution of the Jewish problem. The problem will be solved only in blood and fire. The Jews will be driven out.” 

Jamal Al-Husseini, vice chairman of the Arab Higher Committee

Imagine if you were there in 1947. The world was a post-Hitler mess.
The British had lost all control of law and order in the larger Arab areas.
The Jews were organized and defended themselves as best they could. While, paradoxically, being blocked by the British from defending themselves and acquiring the means to do so.

Just think of the arrogance of those fucking Arabs. Finally, they were thinking, finally they were going to exterminate the Jews, as Hitler intended.

Hate Speech. Nakba. A disgrace to the Arab culture.

As I write, in the spring of 2020 C.E., the Arab culture still includes mourning the catastrophe that was the failure to exterminate the Jews.

This is precisely what disgusts me about Arabs in general. Seems like, they have no capacity to embrace humanism, to think with a rational head.

Arabs are very volatile and very ready to kill anyone who disagrees with them. So, here we find another example of the Arab culture to despise.

The very fact that Arabs embrace Islam as their core political ideology makes is impossible to see how Islam will win out in the end.

It is my opinion that the only society’s that will survive and prosper into the future, especially in the Middle East, are secular cultures.

Feature Image By Matson-collection – https://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/matpc.18173/, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16867174

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