Amber Star Reuter | Star Scream | A Prostitute

Amber Star Reuter aka Star Scream is a drug addicted prostitute from Jennings Louisiana

She has a reputation as ‘The Black Widow‘ in her local community. Certainly, the men die after meeting or marrying her. 

The tally at the time of this writing is three dead ex-husbands and an unknown number of her ‘customers’. So, beware of this menace to society.

Amber’s method is to lure men on the internet for sex. Then, she blackmails them by threatening to involve their close family members or work colleagues.

She has also been known to have sex with strangers she meets at 4 am at, say, a red light while waiting for green. Especially, men that are in uniform.

She is a nasty, nasty person. Above all, she is a health threat to anyone who touches her.

The tragedy here is that she has children who are subjected to Amber’s toxic lifestyle. Child Protection Services has been called on her by concerned neighbours.

Why? Because of the fact that her daughter’s have run away to escape their lunatic mother.

Another ugly trait of this whore is that she has a mean, jealous streak in her. For instance, if another woman talks to a man being targeted by Reuter that poor woman becomes a target for harassment.

The harassment is usually in the form of threatening phone calls and incessant stalking. So, the sooner this bitch is thrown in jail the better off will be the wider Eastern United States community.

Amber Star Reuter is a morphine/heroin addict who will stop at nothing to get her daily fix. Moreover, this woman is a racist and is also as Islamophobic as Gary Britton.

Please, everyone who reads this, let Amber know what you think of her lifestyle. She can be reached at (337) 329-0558 or (337) 246-7067.

Alternatively, one can find her at 607 West Jefferson Street, Jennings, LA 7056. Or, by email at

Her birth date is 17 February 1984. Which, makes her an over the hill whore if nothing else.

Amber Star Reuter



This is where she lives on Jefferson Street      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




Amber Star Reuter



If you see this woman, Amber Star Reuter, you would be best advised to run like hell. Put as much distance between you and her as you can.






This is the address that Amber Star Reuter has made public:

Amber Star Reuter


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