Pio chanel 2

Atheism’s Ugly Face | Pio chanel 2

Atheism's Ugly Face | Pio chanel 2

Atheism’s Ugly Face, a video by Pio. Original title: The ugly face of atheism. 

This video from Pio’s YouTube channel is blocked in North America. So, here it is for the North American consumer.

I present this video in order to give the whole world the opportunity to view it. Indeed, fuck YouTube for trying to be the Gestapo of the internet.

Atheism’s Ugly Face, by Pio:


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109: The Ugly Face OF ATHEISM, a Pio original video . Above all, here is the main reason for posting this video on sidneywinston.ca:

Atheism's Ugly Face

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pio 24 February, 2019
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thx Sidney !