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Rob's House Stupid Idiots

Rob’s House Stupid Idiots is the title that Rob gave to the following hangout on air. Remember, this was when Rob started demanding full moderation and control of the hangout.

Rose Patton tries her best to rationalize Beasley’s demand and calls bullshit on him. Meanwhile, every one waits for Rob’s appearance.

Rob is called out for being a liar by the group. So, in true form Rob’s triviality ultimately dooms his mission.

In the meantime IT Expert Rob Beasley is unable to figure out his technical issues.

Rob’s House Stupid Idiots, the video:

Rose Patton would rather drink boiled piss than listen to Beasley!?! She would rather talk to lukedawg!

Spoiler Alert: Beasley does not solve his IT issues.

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