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Chaim Silberstein

Chaim Silberstein, my first cousin, has a daughter and grandson in critical condition in hospital. To clarify, Arab terrorists shot them. That is to say, they were sprayed with bullets from a passing car.

Chaim‘s daughter and grandson are fighting for their lives as I write this. 

Chaim Silberstein does not deserve this to happen to his family, my family. Meanwhile, the State of Israel is not offering any protection to its citizens.

The result is that Israeli citizens are dying. That is to say, killed by bullets shot at them by Arab terrorists.

Bullets killed Jews in Europe during the period of Fascism. Most importantly, bullets are killing Jews in Judea.

The government of Israel must annex Judea & Samaria now.

Dear Chaim and Liora,

Your daughter and grandson are in grave physical danger due to being shot by Arab terrorists. This is no ‘Chanukah miracle’.

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