Arab Terrorism Gets Personal

Arab Terrorism

Arab Terrorism shot bullets into a pregnant member of my family. To be more exact, she is a first cousin once removed.

Here is why I am angry, and I am upset. However, first I need to back up a bit.

You see, the father of the pregnant shooting victim is Chaim Silberstein. Ironically, Chaim’s late father, my Uncle Freddy, escaped the Nazi bullets in the 1930’s.

For Fred there was no Israel to escape to. However, apartheid South Africa welcomed Uncle Freddy. My father’s sister Esther married Fred, and they had three children.

Chaim was the last born of the three. So, Chaim is my first cousin.

The irony of my cousin, a granddaughter of a German Jewish refugee, being shot by Arab terrorists – in Israel of all places – is not lost on me.

1968, my winter holiday in Yeoville

And it came to pass that for that winter of 1968, Irma, mother of 11 year old Sidney Winston, decreed that Sidney would spend the winter school holidays with his cousins in Johannesburg. So, off to Yeoville I flew.

Now, I have many memories from that trip. I am going to share two of them with you.

Ice skating with Chaim and Uncle Freddy

One night Uncle Freddy took us to the ice skating rink. My first time ice skating. Also, my first time I saw close up how violent Johannesburg was.
My memory of Chaim that night was that his skates were not tied properly, and were very loose. So he wasn’t skating on the blades, but ‘walking’ on the leather of the boot. Not very mobile. However, he was perhaps only six or seven years old at the time.

The Johannesburg Holocaust Museum

This was, bar none, my most memorable moment of the trip. You see, I knew vaguely about the Jewish Holocaust but not too much detail.

But, my visit to the Holocaust Museum shocked me. I had a physical reaction. That is to say, I was sickened to my stomach by the pictures of the concentration camps and of the Nazi hatred towards the Jews.

That night, at dinner, I had no appetite and could not eat. I mention this because Auntie Esther asked me why I was not eating, and I remember not being able to explain.Unfortunately, I was unable to verbalize my emotions. I still have problems in this area. 

Arab Terrorism & The One State Solution

The solution to the egregious problem we know as Arab terrorism is for the government of the State of Israel to immediately annex Judea & Samaria.

In doing this, all non-Israeli citizens living there become permanent residents of the State of Israel. So, after annexation all births become citizen births.

Now, in my opinion, the only way this will work effectively is under a strictly secular government. Which, in Israel is far from the case today.

And, why I am so upset and angry today.

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