John Gischala

Hypocrite Yochanan Gischala: Story Of A Shikker

Hypocrite Yochanan Gischala

Hypocrite Yochanan Gischala, a shikker from Roslyn Heights NY.

His colleagues call him Yochanan while his internet community knows him as Jdubs.

We in the small online Google+ community who have interacted with John Gischala  know who John really is.

This is who John Gischala really is:

  • Born to an Irish Catholic family in New York.
  • Abandoned Catholicism but has Catholic Guilt.
  • Embraced Chabad Judaism.
  • Claims to be a Pious Jew while still uncircumcised.
  • Covertly shows Love for the Torah.
  • Is a violent man with psychopathic fantasies.
  • Loves to drink whiskey. A lot of whiskey.
  • Lives on synagogue property because no one else will house him.
  • Live streams religious propaganda near daily on YouTube.
  • Watches hard core pornography on synagogue property.
  • Masturbates on synagogue property. This is forbidden by the Torah.
Hypocrite Yochanan Gischala porn bombs his friend’s YouTube channel:


Surely this blatant display of overt hypocrisy has left you in shock.

What you see here is a microcosm of the daily happenings within religious life so conclude accordingly about the bigger picture.

Religion is supposed to deal with all life’s daily woes as well as each individual’s daily burdens.

If  faith exists as a barrier to the despairs of daily life how does this pious (?!?) man remain so depressed?

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