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Muslim Brother Jamal Khashoggi | Bites The Dust

Muslim Brother Jamal Khashoggi is dead. I, for one, am celebrating.

Thank you Prince Mohammad bin Salman! You did a good thing!

The Free World is at war with Islamic Extremism. The Muslim Brotherhood is the face of global terrorism and Jamal Khashoggi was a Muslim Brother.

Muslim Brother Jamal Khashoggi met a fate totally in line with his hard line Islamic conservative way of thinking.

When it comes to the Arab world there are no rules. The Arabs might claim to be ‘brothers’ but their actions betray these claims.

Arab culture is a culture of killing, a culture of fear.

Khashoggi, in the end, got exactly what he deserved

Pay no attention to what Turkey says because Turkey is a primary state backer of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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Muslim Brotherhood Jamal Khashoggi | Question Everything 21 October, 2018
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