Siyaa Demolishes Titans TV | Kalam KO’d

Siyaa Demolishes Titans TV

Siyaa Demolishes Titans TV with one powerful knockout punch that leaves him on the floor.

Dazed and confused, this shell of a man that was Titans TV is conquered.

In a battle of epic proportions that some are already calling the Fight Of The Century Siyaa Ela emerged victorious over a deflated Kalam.

As the underdog in the fight Siyaa was expected to lose and lose quickly while Kalam smirked.

The outward arrogance of Kalam belied the inner fear he had for Siyaa due to her feminine strength.

Kalam, a misogynist, thought that because Siyaa is a woman he would quite obviously win. Na Ah!

Siyaa stood up to a bully and consequently beat her seemingly unconquerable opponent.

The Underdog:

Siyaa Ela from Siyaa Live

  • highly intelligent
  • intellectual
  • ethical
  • intuitive
  • rational
  • an individual over all else
  • fair and just
The opponent:

Kalam from Titans TV

  • arrogant
  • ignorant
  • radicalized
  • uneducated
  • bully
  • misogynist
  • batty man
  • Speaker’s Corner Clown
Siyaa Demolishes Titans TV With One Punch:


In conclusion Kalam begs for mercy and cries for someone to ‘Call the cops’ because a woman beat the living shit out of him.

Kalam from Titans TV is thus a fucking bully much as many other misogynists on social media.

Finally, the snivelling, cowardly Kemetic Kalam complained about this video to YouTube.

The video was removed from the Content Over Everything channel as a result of the complaint by the cowardly Kalam.

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