Gary Britton

Islamophobic Pedophile Gary Britton

Islamophobic Pedophile Gary Britton

Islamophobic Pedophile Gary Britton is known on social media as Rapid Man.

Today, 16 September 2018, Rapid Man’s YouTube channel as well as his Google+ profile have been removed.

Gary is obviously very embarrassed due to having been caught bang to rights spewing hatred towards female Muslims.

Before Gary left social media in shame with his tail between his legs he continuously bullied Siyaa Ela online.

Gary Britton is the scum of the earth who deserves to be vilified and shunned.

In addition this dangerous piece of shit should be permanently incarcerated.

Islamophobic Pedophile Gary Britton Shows What A True Cunt He Really Is:


Islamophobic Pedophile Gary Britton

I originally posted the video to YouTube but
cowardly Gary complained like a little bitch
and the liberals at YouTube removed it.



Gary Britton is a pervert who takes great pleasure in inflicting verbal abuse on females.

Islamophobic Pedophile Gary Britton Gary Britton Rapid Man

Gary loves to show his bare arse to anyone who will look.


An exhibitionist, Gary will show his pimply arse to anyone.




Gary Britton Rapid Man Islamophobic Pedophile Gary Britton


Gary Britton hates female Muslims.



Some comments from the community:

Our whole community knows all about the pervert Gary Britton and his hateful views. ~ Stephanie, a mother of three young girls

Once the word had spread about Mr. Britton we made sure that all our young girls were under adult supervision at all times. ~ Fatima, a Muslim school teacher

If I see that fucking piece of shit Gary Britton in the street I will slit his throat. ~ Fouad, father of Muslim girl bullied by Gary


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