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Gary Britton Rapid Man | UK Welfare Fraudster

Gary Britton Rapid Man

Gary Britton Rapid Man | UK Welfare Fraudster

Gary Britton Rapid Man




Garykins is a very naughty little boy due to his fraudulent pretense at being traumatized. 

So, do you want to know what naughty boy Gary Britton went and did? Okay, I will tell you.

Bigoted Gary attended a school that had a class action suit filed against it which the claimants won. Gary claims that the sexual abuse during his time at the school resulted in personal trauma.

As such he joined the list of claimants in the lawsuit.


The case was settled for a total amount which guaranteed each of the 100 or so claimants received a minimum of £100,000.

This money sits in his bank account while he lives off the UK welfare system by falsely claiming benefits.

Rapid Man conned his way to £100K. This we know.

How did he become a bigot?

Did Gary Britton turn to bigotry due to his arse rape claim? Does Gary’s arse-rape claim stand up to scrutiny?

Or does Mr. Britton simply enjoy a bit of arse play?

Gary Britton Rapid Man
As you can see by his online advertising Gary is somewhat of an exhibitionist.


Pimply arse and all.


Sure, Gary, traumatized by your own hobby. 


Back to Gary’s bigotry against Islam, “Is there a connection between being boy-buggered and being a bigot?” I don’t see one.


What has Islam done to Gary that is so bad as to have him threaten to harm a Muslim woman?

Gary Britton Rapid Man Is A Creep. Everyone Must Be Aware Of This.


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