John Gischala

Pornbomber John Gischala Descends on Beni The Gangster

Pornbomber John Gischala

Pornbomber John Gischala Exposed by Uncle Sam.

Yochanan Gischala is a fake orthodox jew who pretends to follow the traditions of Chabad.

How do you think John’s Employers would feel about their Dear Yochanan watching porn

John lives on the grounds of the synagogue where he almost certainly practices Torah. At least, that’s how he presents himself.

Should his Roslyn Heights NY employers be aware of this dangerous, violent individual living on their property?

Let them know if you think so.

Gischala the fake jew even makes regular videos about orthodox judaism while simultaneously living the life of a lapsed Catholic.

Nu? What does John Gischala do that is such a scandal?

Yochanan Gischala, or Jdubs as he was known during his Catholic pre-denial days, sits in his rent-free apartment on Chabad property

  • drinking whiskey,
  • getting drunk,
  • watching hard core pornography,
  • masturbating on synagogue property,
  • and porn bombing his fellow community members’ Google Live Streams.
Pornbomber John Gischala As Captured And Edited By Uncle Sam for YouTube:


This man is an out and out hypocrite.

Pornbomber John Gischala


He preaches one thing and practices the opposite of what he preaches.


More to follow.

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