Gary Milne

Darth Dawkins Gary Milne New Jersey

Darth Dawkins Darth Dawkins Gary Milne Darth Dawkins' Dirty Dick

Darth Dawkins Gary Milne New Jersey

Attention Everybody on interactive social media. There is a dangerous man, primarily on Discord, grooming young men.

He uses an aggressive approach to instill fear into his young victims who then do everything they can to not upset him.

Who is this monster?

Darth Dawkins Gary Milne New Jersey

His name is Gary Milne. He lives in New Jersey.

Darth Dawkins Gary Milne New Jersey

This abusive piece of garbage Gary Milne publicly humiliated his autistic child.

Think about it; an autistic child is traumatized for life thanks to Daddy Gary.

Darth Dawkins Gary Milne New Jersey


Of course, Andrew is an adult now although still living in a group home.


Darth Dawkins Gary Milne New Jersey


Gary committed adultery on his wife. 



Mr. Gary Milne also assaulted his wife.



His wife divorced him.


What do we know about Gary Milne?

He is Darth Dawkins

… and has a fat gut.


Darth Dawkins Gary Milne New Jersey


Gary Milne has inferiority issues.

Gary has daddy issues.

This is why Gary is so extremely violent.


What can you do?

  • Shun this piece of shit human named Gary Milne.




Write Gary Milne and tell him what you think of him.





Inform ALL his neighbours who this vile, evil, christian really is behind his fake exterior. 












Please comment below. What are your thoughts on this sleazy, slippery, eel of a man?

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