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rose patton hangout, A Look-Back at what Google+ Was

rose patton hangout

rose patton hangout

The date is 15 August 2016.

  • The setting: a Google+ Hangout On Air. Ten person maximum.
  • The Host: rose patton
  • The cast includes rose patton, Rob Beasley, lukedawg, Segageek, Bulldog 101, Benni The Gangster, and others.

The Cast of Characters:

  • rose patton – does not believe man has ever landed on the moon, a flat earther, Jesus follower
  • Rob Beasley – author, Jesus follower, extreme narcissist, has a huge ego, has Mrs. Beasley on his side
  • Bulldog 101 – can’t say much more that this
  • lukedawg – drunkard, Jesus follower, drunkard, in and out of jail, drunkard, babbler, drunkard
  • Segageek – the sole sane, grounded person in the discussion
  • Benni The Gangster – not with the Mossad. No. Besides, the Mossad does not exist.

This is what hangouts used to be until the end of the era of Rob Beasley.

rose patton hangout, and guests, a look-back; all topics and views are, well, dated, yet unedited:

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