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Nelson Mandela Conned All Of You

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has to go down in history as the biggest con man of the 20th century.

What he did for vengeance against the White, Christian, Afrikaner was nothing less than genius.

You all got taken for the biggest ride of your lives when Mandela defeated apartheid.

Nelson could have Made South Africa Great Again! … but, he did not do that.

Instead, he turned South Africa into a Shit Hole Country.

Are you proud of this man?

Nelson Mandela sat patiently, in prison, on Robben Island, for 27 years before wrecking apartheid.

He knew exactly how gullible the White Afrikaner/British South Africans were. He knew exactly what the history of apartheid had left in its wake of opinions. There was fear in the air.

In a masterful stroke, Mandela not only had himself released from prison, he then went on to pretend that he believed that all South Africans were equal.

And guess what? White South Africa bought it!

What happened next is legendary. Genius.

A Black Man takes on the White Racist Police State and Defeats Her!

How the hell did he do that? you might ask.

In retrospect it was quite easy actually. You see, the Whites in South Africa were scared in 1990. Very scared. Afraid of the unknown.

For decade after decade White South Africa trampled on the human rights of her Black population.

Only when the Black Revolution gained enough momentum to be unstoppable did White South Africa start to shit in its pants.


Simply because the magnitude, and potentially disastrous consequences,  of the human rights abuses perpetrated on 90% of South African citizens, were front and centre.

So here’s what happened. Once Mandela had played nicely with de Klerk, toured the USA together as ‘old friends’, he managed to reduce the fear in South Africa quite significantly.

In fact, Mandela was so successful that once he took power White South Africa breathed a sigh of relief and left the governing of the country to Black South Africa. Not that there was any choice in the matter because of the insurmountable numbers of ANC voters.

In government, and with the heavy sigh of relief lasting four or more years, the Blacks pretty much had no clue how to run a government in an ethical manner. After all, everybody in high government position was a rebel fighter not long before.

It is important to remember that President Nelson Mandela resigned after one term in office.

Now, back to the White South Africans. Remember the heavy sigh of relief? In deep gratitude for not having been mercilessly slaughtered for their Human Rights Abuses the White South Africans continued on with life as usual; and they continued to pay their taxes.

So, for many years government revenue was very healthy.

This is where the problem arises.

All this money in the government coffers. Many projects on the books to improve the lives of the impoverished and disadvantaged.

Seems perfect doesn’t it? What a hero Nelson Mandela is!

All the successors to the office of President of South Africa took advantage of the overflowing government bank accounts and then appointed inappropriate persons to head government ministries.

From the President on down through to the ANC municipal branches, the government treasury was looted for personal gain.

What about the impoverished, the poor, the needy?

There was a short message disseminated by the Black government to these people. The message was, “Fuck You!”

Simple. And that was that.

Government money continued to be funnelled into ministers’ personal bank accounts. As a result all infrastructure began to collapse.

The people started to suffer. The Black People started to suffer! What?


What’s more, law abiding, tax paying South Africans woke up and saw where their tax money was going. Quite naturally South African tax payers stopped paying their taxes.

Quite naturally, as well, corrupt ministers and their associates continued to rob government money.

Until there was no more money to rob from the government.

Did that stop the corruption? Hell No!


  • The South African economy is a disaster.
  • Crime in South Africa is at unprecedented levels.
  • Corruption in South Africa has bankrupted the country.
  • The police force is ineffective.
  • Critical infrastructure has collapsed.
  • Energy resources are being grossly mismanaged.
  • No corrupt Ministers or Lower Associates are in prison for their robbing the country of its wealth and potential.
  • South Africa did it to herself. There is no one else to blame.

Where were the Red Flags when Nelson Mandela embraced Yasser Arafat and Muammar Gaddafi?

I submit to you that you could have, and should have, known what was coming.

White South Africa simply dropped the ball.

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