Elijah Cummings

Scumbag Democrat Congressman Cummings

Scumbag Democrat Congressman Cummings

Scumbag Democrat Congressman Cummings

Elijah Cummings is a scumbag, simply put. This is due to his creepy allegiance to liar and criminal Hillary Clinton.

I watched several videos of this creep and I noticed that he hides behind a mask of respectability.

He is the one therefore who most enjoys defending Hillary against any criminal responsibility for Benghazi.

Furthermore because he knows the rules of the House he is able to lie every time.

Scumbag Democrat Congressman Cummings from 6 February 2014. In conclusion, the woman who exposed Elijah Cummings.

Much appreciation goes to Jonathan Schwartz for putting together this excellent series.

President Donald Trump is doing a fine job. I don’t believe that Cummings likes that at all.

[UPDATE 28 MAY 2019]

There is a separate story about Elijah Cummings that I have posted since this one. In fact, it bolsters my initial claim that man is a piece of human garbage.

All that nonsense from him about demanding the truth about why the Mueller Report was so disappointing. Certainly, to Elijah, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the liberal Democrat Party. 

The time is drawing close to a paradigm shift in the US. Perhaps, the world at large as well.

We shall see. But, I can’t wait for the immediate future to unfold.

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