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Freedom From Religion Foundation

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Freedom From Religion Foundation – FFRF

FFRF sponsors The Clergy Project and is led by Dan Barker.

This recorded talk between three ex-preachers will have you questioning your own theistic beliefs.

Why are so many preachers leaving the ministry?

This is a growing problem within the church as a result of which The Clergy Project is kept busy.

This writer hopes that every preacher leaves Ministry work by 2020. Yes, I know that’s a stretch, a very, very, very long stretch 🙂

Freedom From Religion Foundation exists for YOU.

You are a preacher, rabbi, imam, etc. and you no longer believe in your god. You no longer believe in any gods.

All gods are imaginary and those in the clergy who now know this have a way out of the dilemma they inadvertently placed themselves into.

An interesting note I picked up from this talk is that Muslim clergy are afraid to contact the group for fear of their lives.

To any theist who has read down this far I ask you you to listen very carefully to these gentlemen. In fact, watch this video several times.

In conclusion it is okay for believers, especially preachers, to come out as atheist and to leave their religion behind.

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