Goran Utan Krga

Copyright Oculus: permission required

Copyright Oculus

Copyright Oculus | The Arrogance Is Just Dripping Off This Lad.

I have not posted this video to YouTube and as a result it is impervious to YouTube claims of any sort. 

Copyright Oculus, what a joke!

To be sure, Oculus is merely a hangouts idiot. Stupid opinions spew non-stop from Oculus. As you will see though this is the kind of idiocy that emanates from an idiot who knows nothing about anything.

That is Oculus in a nutshell.

So go ahead Oculus, report me to YouTube for your bullshit infringement claim.

Here is the video. reported to YouTube for copyright infringement:


JT Snow is just as stupid as Oculus … if you can make out what he says at all what with his screaming and yelling and wheezing and nonsensical utterances …

… and of course there is Goran who is somewhat, um, what’s the right word, oh yes, somewhat insane.

… and yes there is more idiocy:

[oh yes much more … stand by

as I capture more and more of the Christian Stupidity (and their friends) I will post them.

This is comedy gold for the ages.]

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