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Angel’s Cradle Vancouver Canada

Angel's Cradle

Angel’s Cradle St. Paul’s Hospital Vancouver Canada.

I had no idea this existed until I walked by Emergency during a daily dog walk.

When I saw ‘Angel’s Cradle’ written on the sign I was curious and so of course I went to inspect.

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In the far corner and away from the Emergency Entrance there is this little area.


Three simple instruction are on the little door in this little area

  1. Open the door
  2. Place infant in cradle
  3. Close the door

Angel's Cradle

… 3. Close the door and walk away.

Ladies, if you find yourself in the second trimester, there is no need to panic. Certainly, pregnancy and birth are serious events.

The thing is, you have waited too long. So, instead of having a late term abortion give birth and allow your baby to have a chance at life.

A chance at life with excellent health. To sum up, you have 24 weeks to decide to abort.

After that it is assumed, let’s hypothesize, that by law you have made your decision to not abort. So, you are in the unfortunate situation of bearing an unwanted pregnancy.

Remember, three steps. Then, walk away.


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