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Pedro Sanchez PM of Spain is an atheist

Pedro Sanchez Spanish Prime Minister of Spain

Pedro Sanchez is an atheist. The new Prime Minister of Spain is featured in the following news segment.

From an article by journalist MARCOS PARADINAS @mparadinas 25 September 2014

Here is my attempt at using Google Translate to translate from the original Spanish:

Pedro Sanchez, first candidate for La Moncloa who openly declares himself an “atheist”

The general secretary of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, uses his television route to be able to continue revealing more of himself to citizens who still do not know much about him. This is what he did about his religious position during the interview with Risto Méjide, in Traveling with Chester. Sanchez acknowledged being “atheist”, something so far unusual in the leaders of the PSOE and any other candidate with possibilities for the Presidency of the Government.

“Deeply atheist?” Risto asked him. “Atheist to dry”, answered Sanchez, who did delve into the debate of religion in schools. “I am an atheist and I believe that religion should not be in the classrooms, it has to be in the churches, in the classrooms you have to form citizenship, not people with religious beliefs, that corresponds to the private sphere”.

The Republic of Chávez

Less radical was with the theme of the Monarchy. “I am not a monarchist, but I tell you in the rough: I prefer to live in the constitutional monarchy of Felipe VI than in the Republic of Hugo Chávez or Maduro.” However, such a statement does not prevent him from dismissing “simple arguments” that he proposes to ask the Spaniards in a referendum.

Constitutional reform

On the contrary, Sánchez prefers to undertake “a constitutional reform, where political groups raise their debates.” And then, the citizens would vote to validate that reform, in block, including the State form. “There are people who are republicans and others who are monarchists and we have to find an intermediate point, and that is the constitutional monarchy of Felipe VI,” he said.

Felipe and Letizia

About the kings, Sanchez assures that Felipe VI “fell well” when they met, and that “we connect generationally, he is very reasonable and aware of the situation that Spain is going through and the challenges that the Royal House has”. Similar impression was taken from Queen Letizia: “it seems nice, dynamic, intelligent, with character, I like it”.

With Pedro Sanchez finally inaugurated we finally have the first openly atheist leader of Spain. One thing we know is that at all times cooler heads will prevail. This is actually a big step up for the global atheist community.

More and more countries’ leaders have a chance to show their courage and come forward publicly as atheists.

The world is moving in the right direction. The global political climate is shifting towards tolerance. I notice that even Islam is talking amongst themselves to tone down the extremist rhetoric.

Jihad is proving to be a failed policy today much as it was prior to the Crusader Wars. Watch this space for more on that through Imam Tawhidi.

We finally reached The Days Of End Of Empire.

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