Point Out Hypocrisy

rose patton self-roasts; is this a genetic mutation?

Ranting rose patton

rose patton. Remember this name. It is evident that rose is a personality like no other.

Google+ first came into contact with rose patton when YouTube and Hangouts appeared on the scene.

What is it about rose patton?

Anyone who believes in, and preaches the ‘truth’ of, a Flat Earth is having one on i.e. playing a trick or trolling.

Anyone who believes, and preaches the ‘truth’, that 9/11 did NOT happen is having one on i.e. playing a trick or trolling.

Which is it rose?

There are many ways to speculate why rose insists on lying with a straight face regarding the flat earth.

Here are just a sample:

  1. mental disorder
  2. internet troll
  3. bored housewife
  4. frustrated spinster
  5. frustrated housewife
  6. bored spinster
  7. and many more

No one is prevented from viewing this blog.

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