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Gaza riots are closely controlled by Hamas

Gaza riots

The Gaza riots are the direct result of Hamas control.

The truth about Gaza is horrifyingly suppressed by the world’s media. I cannot understand this.

To be sure the problem is wholly that of the Palestinian ‘leadership’, such that it is.

The word ‘Palestinian’ is a modern invention. The region of Palestine was home to Arabs and Jews.

In 1922 a Conference in San Remo resulted in the League of Nations dividing Mandatory Palestine into two areas; Jewish Palestine and Arab Palestine.

Using the word ‘Palestinian’ today is wrong. These people are not Palestinian, they are Arab. Just like in Mandatory Palestine there were Arabs and there were Jews.

There was no distinct ‘Palestinian’ identity prior to 1964 when The Accursed Yassir Arafat formed the PLO.

In fact, the PLO wanted to take over Jordan until in September 1970 King Hussein of Jordan crushed them.



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