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Older posts. Where are they?

Older posts on this website are unavailable. Why?

Here is the chronology of events.

On 25 May at some point late in the day or early evening I lost contact with my web host account. Could not connect. The Error 500 returned in every case pointed to the host server as having a problem.

Older posts

Why not just fix it?

I was unable to contact customer service with my then web host provider because of ‘reasons’. Up to that point time and patience were unlimited and not at all urgent.

Older posts background.

When sidneywinston.ca was connected to a web hosting account the idea was to kick around with the website as a hobby. There was no expectation of any posts, blogs, traffic, views, and what have you.

As I became more familiar with the interface, while at the same time finding my voice through blogging, an increase in views started to spike.

When I lost contact with my then web host I decided to immediately switch to a new web hosting service. The main reason being so that I could reach customer service and eliminate problems immediately.

I might or might not be able to retrieve these older posts.

Does it matter?

Not at all. All the posts made prior to May 2018 were more experimental than serious in intent.

Going forward all posts will be available to readers everywhere all the time.

Which brings me in conclusion to thanking you Dear Viewer for your time.


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