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WWI Arab revolt against the Ottoman Empire

WWI Arab revolt

The WWI Arab revolt against the Ottoman Turks ended calamitously for the Arabs.

The issue was the area of Mandatory Palestine .

In 1920 the League of Nations granted the Mandate for Palestine to the British in addition to the Mandate for Iraq.

Mandate for Palestine 1920

Mandate for Palestine , April 1920.

Showing the boundaries of the land designated for Jewish Immigration.


In San Remo in 1922 the issue was again Mandatory Palestine. Specifically the area west of the Jordan River where the Arabs were rising up against the British.

The Solution arrived at was to designate the area West of the Jordan River as Jewish Palestine in addition to designating the area East of the Jordan River as Arab Palestine.

Mandatory Palestine 1922

Mandate for Palestine, July 24 1922.

Showing the area of Trans-Jordan, in which the reconstitution of the Jewish National Home was to be postponed or withheld.

This ultimately reduced the territory of Jewish Palestine by 77%.


As at July 1922 we had:

Arab Palestine 1922

And we also had:

Jewish Palestine 1922

The WWI Arab Revolt should have resulted in:

Two State Solution 1922

And that. Dear Readers, would have been the potential source of peace and economic progress for everyone in the region.

As it currently stands, Israel is prosperous while Arab Palestinians are at war with each other.

Within the Palestinian Authority the two factions Hamas and Fatah are furthermore deadly enemies.

Hamas holds total Islamic Authority over Gaza while Fatah Has political authority in the cities of Judea and Samaria.

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