Winston Churchill

Labour Party of Britain opposed appeasement

Winston Churchill Labour Party

The British Labour Party opposed appeasement with Germany while the Germans occupied Europe.

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was the most noteworthy champion of appeasement with the Nazis during the 1930’s.

The common people of the United Kingdom supported unconditional surrender by Herr Hitler, consequently bringing down the Chamberlain government.

The King of England finally appointed Mr. Churchill as Prime Minister.

Mr. Clement Attlee and Mr. Arthur Greenwood of the Labour Party were members of the coalition cabinet of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Mr. Churchill, with the support of Mr. Greenwood and Mr. Attlee, defeated a motion introduced by Viscount Halifax. This motion favoured exploring the possibility of a negotiated peace with Germany.

The idea was for the French to approach Mussolini who was close to Hitler while Italy was still neutral.

Appeasement was supported by the majority Conservative government while the loudest dissenting voice was Winston Churchill himself.

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