Amber Drug Dealer Prostitute Tax Evader


Amber Drug Dealer Black Widow

Amber Drug Dealer Prostitute Lake Charles to Jennings. Louisiana.
Firstly, to anyone from JENNINGS to LAKE CHARLES do not purchase drug or prostitution services from this person.
Amber Star Reuter, to her credit, runs very successful prostitution and illicit drug dealing businesses from her home. Certainly, tax-free cash is the sweetest deal for the unscrupulous. More later about this. You’ll love it.
What I find most troubling about this situation is only that this Amber ‘woman’ has children living in the house with her. Most importantly, her children are there when prostitution and drug dealing occur at her house.
The reason I find this most troubling is because her children are of high school age. And, this being the case the role model Amber the Mother is setting for children can only be ultimately harmful.
Child Protection Services, along with DEA officials, should be sent to Amber’s home. Firstly, to ensure the protection of Amber’schildren, and also, the public at large.
Amber has a reputation of being a black widow wife. Three marriages, three mysterious deaths of each spouse she married. More about this later.

Update on Amber: We now know that Amber and the Police Department are in partnership. Seems like, as found all around the world, police departments are corrupt and not above looking the other way while profiteering from vice.